Doing Business in Egypt | Fathalla CPA

Doing Business in Egypt | Create a company in Egypt
Doing Business in Egypt – Create a Company in Egypt Fathalla CPA – specialist in performing Companies in Egypt , we have super skills to cover you doing a reliable business in Egypt and middle east. Our clientele are truly international; we work with national and multinational firms from all over the world, for instance, the UK, the Netherlands, Japan, Kuwait, Pakistan and Turkey.


  • We have an in house team of professional and experienced lawyers who are able to deal with all tax cases at all court levels
  • Preparing accounting cycles and reviewing all documents.
  • Preparing financial statements and auditing reports.
  • In some cases we help undertake the bookkeeping process for those clients who don’t have the ability to perform it themselves, in these cases we help prepare all related book and accounting cycles.

 Doing Business in Egypt – Create a Company in Egypt 

An accounting audit is the process of examining a company’s entire financial situation,

with an emphasis on ensuring compliance with relevant reporting standards, and promoting adequate cash handling policies and internal controls. In most countries, regular audits by outside firms are required for publicly traded corporations.

In contrast, small businesses are typically not subject to as rigorous a set of reporting standards and controls and therefore are often not subject to mandatory audits.


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