Doing Business in Egypt | Establishing all types of companies

Doing Business in Egypt – Create a Company in Egypt
Doing Business in Egypt – Create a Company in Egypt Fathalla CPA – specialist in performing Companies in Egypt , we have super skills to cover you doing a reliable business in Egypt and middle east. Our clientele are truly international; we work with national and multinational firms from all over the world, for instance, the UK, the Netherlands, Japan, Kuwait, Pakistan and Turkey.
  • Registering Companies in the following.
  • Commercial registration.
  • Industrial registration.
  • Capital Market Authority.
  • Imports & Exports Register.
  • Capital leases.

Our Services include

Establishing all types of companies (LLC, Joint stock, foreign branches, representative offices..)

Mergers and Acquisitions.

Liquidation of Corporations.

Due Diligence.

Egyptian Society for Contractors.

Obtaining work permits for non Egyptians.

Helping companies obtain the necessary licenses needed to run a business.

Amending articles of incorporations, changing the basic system of corporations, approving general assembly meetings and approving board of directors meeting from GAFI.

Establishing off shore companies

Establishing recruitment companies and obtaining the necessary licenses.


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