Doing Business in Egypt – Fathalla

Doing Business in Egypt – Create a Company in Egypt 

  • Preparing audit programs for each company to check all accounts.
  • Preparing accounting cycles and reviewing all documents.
  • Preparing financial statements and auditing reports.
  • In some cases we help undertake the bookkeeping process for those clients who don’t have the ability to perform it themselves, in these cases we help prepare all related book and accounting cycles.

Our approach to deliver an effective audit require from us to plan ahead before we start any audit engagement. In order to do that we need to understand your business as thoroughly as possible so we can advice you properly.

We believe that each audit assignment is unique, we design a specific audit plan and program that are tailored to meet the unique nature of our client’s business and operating environment focusing on the highly risk areas that might affect the business.

As a result of our audit, we prepare a Management Letter containing our audit findings, identifying weakness in internal controls along with our specific recommendations which we believe it will improve the effectiveness and profits of an organization.
Our Services
All Tax Services Auditing & Assurance, Accounting & Bookkeeping, Establishing all forms of companies, Legal services, Feasibility Studies, Zakat Services, Establishing financial & accounting system, Training Courses 


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